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When man shall marry animal

When man shall marry animal

Call me a prophet of doom but yeah…so was Jesus, Daniel and John the Revelator among other bible prophets. Two years ago, sitting down and lamenting at the downward projectile the morals of this world were headed, I prophesied of a time when people will want to marry animals.

Flash forward now and it is happening. A fashion icon is on the news for wanting to marry his cat. The guy is 79yrs old.

Well we all may say, what the hell-he is so old he may die any time grant him his wish. But trust me, the devil does not attach in stupidity. He strategizes his every movement calculating all the possible waves it will cause. For instance, if a poor African decided to marry his cow, who will even talk about it? But this is a fashion icon, someone many people look up to. A rich and one that can afford the publicity stunt.

But again one may ask, why the need for me to write anything about this guy? A systematic assault on the institution of marriage is all it takes to send this world down it’s doom. Marriage is an institution given us by God as a gift. When God created Adam, he felt that it was not good for man to be alone. Out of Adam he created Eve, an equal companion to help and support the man.

Different from animals, man was created in the image and likeness of God and given the gift to continue the work of creation like God in caring for the plants and animals and in procreation. This maybe one of the many things we have over the angels. Yes with their superior knowledge and their sinless lives they still beat us in many grounds but marriage is a gift given us by God and not to angels.

Out of marriage it is the intention of God to create stable moral society for generations to come. Through marriage it is intended that children maybe brought up morally upright and righteous before God. It is of many institutions of God, one of the biggest points of assault for the devil. He has successfully assaulted the Sabbath institution into making people believe that any other day can be a Sabbath.

But on marriage is the biggest affront on the morals of humanity. That men have made homosexuality a ‘human right’ is a big slap on the face of God. Something that in clear passages has been condemned throughout the bible is now discussed and allowed in courts of law as someone’s right of choice. That we have turned sin from sin and given it cool names like ‘sexual orientation’ to give it a ‘scientific’ logic behind a barbaric nature.

Children are now adopted by gay parents and raised in a family driven by sin and sexual abomination.  These children from a tender age are taught to ‘ok’ sin and look at it as something normal. One that you can live with and still has the face to go to church. It is more damning that some churches are allowing such abominations legalized at their alters-but well we all know there can only be one true church of God. One that has not and will not compromise the laws of God and the morals of humanity for the masses that chooses to live in sin.

But I guess in all these, the worst sin is that man has now found a new sexual partner in animals. The cases of bestiality are on an all time high with the latest-where a fashion icon-wants to marry a cat the biggest blow to morality. This in simplicity means man is not satisfied with woman. Woman is not satisfied with woman and now the next play thing is animal. People are sleeping with animals-the very typing of that statement makes me choke with fury. And that no government, no church, no organization has stood up with the bible to defend the sanctity of marriage is a shame!

If the animals were to ever come up with an ‘animal rights’ and wage war on the human race then no court of law shall save us. First we kill them for fun and food. Next we rid them of their natural habitat and isolate them to an island of giants in the name of pets. We in our naïve thinking assume we are giving them a better life. What kind of a better life is it where you are taken away from your native home, from your parents and siblings and raised up somewhere new with nothing that can associate you with being you? But the biggest crime is subjecting these animals to sexual torture. Sleeping with an animal? For a lady to force a dog on her? This is beyond barbaric!

That one of the tightest units that make us human is on the verge of extinction and no one is defending it is a big affront to morality. Marriage is actually an endangered species and no one is raising a voice to defend it. Well I have raised mine. And to pen off, I will paste the very words I used two years ago…

In short, sin is no more sin, but something that can be ‘rehabilitated” given a ‘cool’ name, and reintroduced back into the system.

Somewhere someone has started making it a reality. That a day is coming, when, no longer shall man and man-or woman and woman walk to a church for their wedding, but woman and dog, man and whatever beast he fell in love with. Note that I have omitted man and woman. That is being phased out. From marriage 1.0 we are heading to 2.0.

“For ye shall see men (and women)-dragging hither their spouse (read cows, dogs, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys-according to your ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘fantasy’), before mine Holy presence (read God), to wed in Holy matrimony. Thou shalt see mine ‘prophesed clergy’ calling mine Holy name to bless the union. Gathered before mine presence thou shalt see men and women. Drunken in their sins, walking corpses calling upon me”Sexual Orientation

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