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When shall the fear go


Fear. The world has known no worse enemy than fear. The world has fought no worse traitor than fear. Humanity has found neither rest nor clue to the unending fear of the unknown. Solutions have been sought to avert many a disasters but the impending fear has still paralyzed our very imaginations.


Technology has propelled the world to great a depths but still fear looms a long like a shadow. No longer can we board planes without being electronically scrutinized for the smallest of weapons. Shopping malls have become as much fun as a danger in certain areas. CCTV cameras for surveillance seem to crop up at every other corner. We seem not to have enough security gadgets for the shadow enemy that we are combating.


Our first parents never had fear before their transgression in the garden of Aden. It might seem naïve that all our sorrows are impounded upon them. Seems like we all have found a scapegoat for all the areas we have and still do go wrong. But again, why would you fear when you walk with your creator? The chicks will scamper to the arms of the hen for safety. Their fear, they believe is taken by the hen, but who takes away the fear of the hen? Same to humanity, when we are little, we find solace in our parents and elder brothers. Our enemies are conquered by them, but up the hierarchy, they face fears that we then have little or no knowledge about.


The worst part of survival is when we are scared and we lack that unseen shadow figure to take our fears away. Walking the streets is as scary as boarding a vehicle. You never know when the next drunk driver, or the lunatic committing suicide, or the next suicide bomber, or the vehicles with no controls will come your way. In a vehicle, many a people cling desperately to the steel supports on the seats whenever the automobile makes slight swings caused by the usual potholes that seem to outgrow the life expectancy of the roads, weeks after their constructions.


Up in lifts, we don’t trust the stranger next to you. This is regardless of the fact that it may be your friend in case of an emergency. People are no longer known by their names but profiled by their ancestral backgrounds, education background and the financial value they add to the world.


We have become prisoners of our own shadows. Our lives have become so isolated and carefully woven to isolate people we perceive endanger our lives. The perfect image of God that we were created in is probably fast fading from our very eyes. We no longer have the ability to hold relationships. In this regard I would dare say animals are doing better.


Our lives have gone down so fast that society is losing meaning. We have prioritized the things in life that never should have mattered in the first place and the very things that should matter are no longer given attention to.


Parents have become too old for us. Technology has become too slow for us. Sin has become too friendly with us. Guilt has become too innocent with us. The people we should listen to have stopped talking and whilst some look upon us with teary eyes, it’s some that spearhead our downward projectile into oblivion. It is a shame that Fathers sleep with their daughters but even more despicable that they do not blink an eye.


From ages where our houses were designed to invite people, we now barricade ourselves in concrete and steel to keep people away. When it was simpler to walk past people and say hi, now we have gadgets that drum music in our heads to isolate us from the ‘noise’ of the people. Our privacy has completely shut us out of the world to live in a completely isolated world of silence and loneliness.

But the fear does not end, the peace does not come, the comfort and security shall never be found. Woe to you that puts their hope in this world.