Bible StudyWhite Collar Jobs -The Liar II

White Collar Jobs -The Liar II


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Over the years Kenyans have been treated to drama of all sorts involving men of the calling. Many a time the incidents have been sickly gruesome to even purport that they were done by Christians. But the same will stand up with the bible to claim not guilty forfeiting the fact that the all supreme one hath written their actions down.

The bible throughout has been systematic in dissecting politics from religion.  Matthew 6:24 no man can serve two masters. Daniel in his visions saw god compare religion and state as clay and iron. Two varied materials that can never be merged. Countries, in their constitutions, have explicitly stated that religion shall not be part of the state. In short, parliament cannot draft laws to govern churches.  This power instead of being used to exercise the freedom of worship, has led to the exercise of excesses in terms of worship. People can do and indulge in anything in the name of the church.

For one offering in the coffers of God is tax free. Churches are given land by the government to erect buildings for that purpose. The same buildings that should be revered have been broken into by robbers. The robbers, maybe with an attempt of partaking the ‘blood’ of Christ for mercy, have been found in drunken stupors the following morning, meaning alcohol is kept as wine in churches.  1 Corinthians 6 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? 10 nor thieves nor drunkards, nor revilers…

With such scriptures omitted from their doctrines, the clergy justify their use of alcoholics. During the last general elections, pastor Pius Muiru claimed that under direct revelation from God, he had been chosen to lead Kenyans as their president. The dude garnered less that 100,000 votes. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has successfully created a political career regardless of holding the Bishop title. The same woman publicly distanced herself from a man claiming biological responsibility for her children. The bible itself has been clear about electing person. Titus 1 7 for a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not self-willed, not soon angry not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre.

Am not judging anyone, but I hope to portray certain ills that have cast a shadow of Christianity.  With the improvement in technology, have we seen men of God take it up. Televangelists, claiming powers to cast all forms of ill fortune, are enticing faithful souls to send money in exchange for spiritual intervention. For those who have studied history, the same happened hundreds of years back. This time it was the catholic church.  The church, through her branches sold certificates for forgiveness of sins. It reached a point when the business was so booming; they started offering the same certificates for the dead and gone. In short, if you had a relative that died whilst a sinner, you were to buy the certificate and were assured that his/her soul would rise from purgatory to heaven. It read something like, “Once your coins dropped to the coffers of the church, the departed soul would start rising to heaven”. That’s the same thing happening, only this time, technologically.

Politicians noting the use of the church, have indulged the services of the clergy for their votes. During our past general elections, we saw clergy take up political podiums and deliver angelic messages of wooing voters for a certain political party. As if God was infuriated, neither party won fairly. The result plunged us into months of fighting and maiming. During the same period, no one (read clergy) stood up to intervene until Koffi Annan showed up. Its surprising that the same clergy were not on the ICC list. The same recurred during the referendum. If I would remember, the same clergy, with an ‘apparent god’ on their side, claimed that the constitution would be voted down. The very opposite happened. Back to individual grounds.

Several stories caught my eye on the daily nation. Apparently a 26yr old pastor stabbed a form four girl to death after impregnating her. The case was reported to the police who arrested and released the man of God on bail. He then met the lady, who was his Sunday school teacher and after a heated argument stabbed her nine times in the neck killing her instantly.

Another clergy man in Nakuru was arrested for defiling a form one student between Jan 2009 and Feb 2011. Apparently, the parents were poor and he offered her scholarship. She was staying at the pastors home, a place I would consider to be divine. That means, for three years, the pastor wedded people, prayed, preached, baptized, settled feuds whilst living in such despicable sins.

Church sex scandals
church sex scandals

In Kilifi, early this year, a pastor was accused of impregnating a 14yr old standard 6 pupil.

On July 18, a disagreement over the proceeds from the sale of land led to the killing of an old lady. Apparently a bishop, killed his mother-in-law, sneaked her body in her home, and two days later goes back and tells the tenants that she was ill and had been admitted. The police are currently holding the couple.

In yet another murder case, April, this year, a pastor in Mount Kenya was charged with violently robbing a woman of her ATM card and a mobile phone. The woman was hacked to death. The stories might be far from your local church. And am not claiming all pastors are bad. But again, those are some of the few incidences in public.

In all this, the catholic church receives the biggest blow. Currently the Vatican is involved in recalling some of her clergy accused of defiling children all over the world. Bringing news closer home is simpler. Several years back the same paper ran a story of some clergy in the catholic church. Some have been known to father children to university level in secret. Some have multiple sexual relationships with members of the congregation. Some have even married the said women. But some, especially nuns, would tell you that the monastery is the worst pornographic orgy areas. Sexual relationships are known to be the norm in such areas-even gay relationships.

In all this, I wonder why we have not been faced with disasters like the Israelites. But the reason is simple, that the Lord does not rejoice in the death of a sinner, but heavens break out into joyful singing for one soul that’s saved.

The churches universally may be in the hundreds of thousands. Professed Christians in the billions, and fake ill minded pastors in millions, but that does not rule out the fact that there are faithful Christians who abide by the word of God. Someone will state that the church is in ones heart. That God is not coming to claim a building but faithful souls-true. Another will claim that it matters not where we go to worship, as long as we do it in truth and faithfulness. Another will say that their religion and worship ground is in their hearts, what they choose to see and speak of. In all this, a dare not refute.

But one point I would reiterate, that God is watching each and every one of us. We shall be held accountable for the sins we committed and the actions we could take and decided not to mind. The world is decomposing at our very feet while we seem unbothered to look. The actions, no matter how naïve, that we could take to avert the situation should be taken. I would remind you the story I started with. That because of the emotions of one man, angered by the sins of the other, his actions were considered by God heroic and saved thousands of people. Its what you can do to make someone aware of their sins and turn back to God that will help save the universe. Let it be our prayer that someday someone will say, ‘its because of your faithfulness that I made it to heaven’. Good luck.

Bible Study
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