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White Collar Jobs

To the few fans I have gathered so far with my puny attempt at writing, thanks a lot for the support. The comments and the messages in a way or the other help me in realizing that maybe I can do this in bulk. The critical comments help in sharpening my mind to meet yours at an awesome equilibrium where my thoughts and words reveal certain things we might not really want to hear. Sometimes back someone told me to desist attaching too much emotions to my articles, but I guess it’s a situation that I can’t help.

Allow me, before I get to today’s topic; draw your attention to a historical event. The Israelites were wondering all over the desert faced with so many challenges. And these were all because of their disobedience.  Numbers 31:16 behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord. Wait, how did this happen?

Numbers 25: 1, and Israel abode in shittim, and the people began to commit whoredom with the daughters of Moab.

2 and they called the people unto the sacrifices of their gods: and the people did eat, and bowed to their gods.

3and Israel joined himself unto Baal-Peor: and the anger of the Lord was rekindled against Israel.

4and the Lord said unto Moses, take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord against the sun, that the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel.

5and Moses said unto the judges of Israel, slay ye everyone his men that were joined unto Baal-Peor.

6and behold, one of the children of Israel came and brought unto his brethren a Midianitish woman in the sight of Moses, and in the sight of the congregation of the children of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

7and when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation, and took a javelin in his hand.

8 and he went after the man of Israel into the tent, and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel and the woman through her belly. So the plague was stayed from the children of Israel.

10and the Lord spake unto Moses, saying

11Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, while he was zealous for my sake among them, that I consumed not the children of Israel in my jealousy

There you have it. That whilst people are weeping and mourning as thousands are being hanged for trespassing the laws of God, someone had the guts to walk past the hangman’s noose, past Moses and the priests, a woman in his arms to his tent, and start doing the very thing that had brought the anger of God to that point.

The result we see that God stayed his anger by that man’s emotions.  24,000 people were left dead. Were it not for the man, thousands more would have. Some atheists will have you believe that that proves God as one tyrannical master who avenges sin with death….maybe another day. Let’s dwell on sin and emotions. That God would be proud of someone that stands up against sin and all that it means.

If you read today’s daily nation 27th July 2011, there is a story: Clergy in the dock: Church mulls the rot within. It’s something I want to render it with emotions.

Currently there are an estimated 8,520 churches registered in Kenya, with 6,740 applications still being processed and 60 applications are filed every month. That’s from wiki.answers.com I don’t know when that data was entered but it’s safe to assume about 15,500+ churches are running in several parts of the country. In short church has become a business. With all fancy attractive names like (to mention very few) Fire of the Holy Spirit, helicopter of Christ ministries, fragrance of Christ, Jesus embassy, directors of divine vision, faith mountain movers ministries etc. if any is your church am sorry.

For those who have started or engaged in starting a business in one way or the other you’ll agree with me that the name is important. But that is as far as a business goes. The one problem that competition suffers greatly is that, soon, very funny incentives are offered. And from some previous articles, I mention churches where alcoholism is allowed as long as its outside the church premises. With such huge numbers, that steadily increase, then the same churches will sooner than later start wedding people with animals. For those who doubted me, those numbers prove just that.

How can you name a church helicopter ministry? Directors of divine vision? Like God is a puppet player and you direct the visions accrued and to which persons those visions are targeted. Of Jesus embassy? Know we not that the very Jesus refused any political affiliations whatsoever, “render to Caesar what’s Caesar’s”? why would we need an embassy? Or fire of the Holy spirit? As if that’s where the projectile for that fire is targeted? Fragrance of Christ? And what’s that really? A sort of perfume? I have no problem with church. I believe in the Holy trinity, and the bible as the sole constitutional requirement for the universe. But I have a problem with people who abuse the trust embedded in church for the personal gain, and am going to prove, one day, that 98% of all these churches are fake. Biblically.

My question is one, if we all use the same syllabus for learning, and are examined by the same body, why cant we just have one administration with several branches to use? It works for KNEC right? 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth shall pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew 5

In short, for us to have thousands of churches, several must compromise certain elements of the bible to accommodate their incentives. Some even fail to have a doctrine completely.

Read part two of white collar jobs, as I try to detail some of the ills that have faced the church.

Please note that am not attaching my emotions to this but just sick and tired of the ills that affect religion