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Will Kenyans ever Learn


I Said it and i will say it again!!!!!










                                                                      EUGENE WAMALWA

They have the following in common:

a. they are millionaires.

b. they are famous

c. have no IDPs’ among their family members

d. they are on a fat pay cheque list

e. their security is guaranteed.

f. their health is highly insured.

g. they drive big cars.

h. they live in posh neighborhoods

i. never get affected by arbitrary matatu hikes wen it rains.

j. never queue at KNH for near nil medical services.

k. their kids go to the best schools abroad.

l. wen they call for a public demo,their wives and kids never

participate but are well secured behind a cricket oval.

m. they don’t wait for Munyes or Atwoli to announce to a 13% salary

increment once a year whereas inflation is at all times more than

15%. Theirs is automatic will. 

n. they all hold diplomatic passports in case things in Kenya become hot.

o. they have a special human right called political right.

p. their families never sleep hungry.

q. they never get affected by floods. They have an option of many

homesteads or can even fly.

r. they are never affected by demolitions.

s. when in trouble, their tribe come to their rescue.

The list is endless…

The only common thing we have with them is our National ID’s.

Now, before you think of fighting your neighbour in the name of

defending them, take a look at your ID. That is who YOU are, and that is

where you came from unless you lied about it. Only God knows where

you are headed next…

LUO’S the only connection u have with Raila’s family is maybe you

walked along Oginga Odinga street today hustling for a job or ate at a

restaurant along that road.

KIKUYU’S the only connection you have with Kenyatta’s family is

maybe you walked along Kenyatta avenue,Mama Ngina,you were

admitted or born at KNH, you trespassed via KICC, or JKIA,went to

Kenyatta High School, JKUAT or K.U, or maybe you were broke couldn’t

afford lunch and opted for 200 ml Brookside milk for lunch. You are

financially close to them by making them richer.

For Kalenjins, Meru’s, Embu’s,Luhya’s, Maasai’s and the

rest ,the only connection you have with your so called with ‘my choice’

is you watch them on TV strategizing on how to cash your

hard earned cash or their helicopters may disturb your lunch

break-hunger-slumber under a tree.
Sisi mdio wenye-nchi and we should protect our fellow wenye-nchi who

we share so much in common with.

Let us remain United as Kenyans!what’s wrong with some Kenyans???Dont they ever learn??


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