Will The US Dollar be Replaced?

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( Written By Perry Stone) Will the dollar be replaced? Several years ago a person within inside connections to the Federal Reserve, sent me pictures of a prototype new currency that was being planned in the future for the North American Republic – consisting of Canada, New Mexico and America.

It included all levels of currency (ones, fives, tens, twenties, etc.) with Spanish, English and French words disrobing the amount – readable in the language spoken in all three countries. There was a blue flag with three stars and bar codes on each bill that could trace how much $ your were carrying through scanners.

With the IMF allowing the Chinese Yuan to be accepted as a global currency to compete with the dollar, China will likely manipulate the interest rates on borrowing to zero and do other “tricks” to make their currency the new global currency to replace the dollar.

Should this occur and the dollar value plummets, look down the road for a new replacement currency within the United States that will connect the three nations mentioned above. This replacement will also bring all cash that is in hiding to the surface, since the old currency will be replaced – similar to what Germany did with the German Marks in the 1920’s.

Our national debt is so high, that we are one major disaster away from a national crisis. John Kerry accidentally let the words, “North America Republic” slip a few months ago. I will be showing the currency and giving inside information from IMF bankers about secret plans occurring next year at our Prophecy Conference in April during our “closed door session.” Perry Stone Ministries

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