Will you be too late?

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For awhile I’ve had this thought, “Supposed we are already in the ‘sealing time’ and don’t know it waiting for the much touted ‘Sunday Legislative Law’”. This article I have just read seems to echo this same concern. (I will be glad to make it available to those who ask for it. It is in PDF form.) Consider this, have you ever waited for something you believed would be so stupendous and in fact, the waiting and anticipating turned out to be more climatic than the actual event? I know I have.

Time of Preparation

I have a belief and I’m sure you share it, too: “God wants everyone to be saved.” With this being a maxim, then another belief must follow: “God will do everything in His power to bring about salvation to those wanting to be saved.” Let’s be realistic in our understanding: (1) There are some people who will not be saved—period, (2) There will be some who know God, however will separate themselves from Him because of their own ideas, preconceived thoughts regarding truth, (3) There are those who will be saved having never departed from Him, (4) and there are those who God will be doing some mighty personality, character changes to prepare them for salvation—and this is where I believe I am at this present time.

If this is so, and I believe it is, then I’m not going to stress what He’s already doing in my life. While many of you are good-meaning in your comments, thoughts and words of encouragement, God is fully aware of my situation and what He is doing to have me “hewed” into the worshiper, believer, man I am supposed to be. In order to clean an engine, one must be willing to flush out the gunk which prevents it from performing optimally. Gunk is never beautiful, refreshing nor appreciated, but consider this, is it not better to have brought to the surface than left remaining within? The question becomes, what will one do with the gunk when it has been revealed?

This is my time of preparation, being made prepared to withstand what is soon to take place.

Time of Separation

Before God can bring about this time of separation between the sealed and those not sealed, He has to complete work which has already begun in most of us. So, if you find yourselves wondering what has happened to Bro. Roy or others, maybe even yourself, know God is still involved. What He is doing in our lives is “separating” us from the mess which has long been hidden within the recesses of our lives, perhaps not having had the courage to tackle it even in a more public setting, or private, whatever works for the individual before He has to separate us from those who are going to be saved! Some of that separation hurts. It has been a part of us for so long it has become who we are. Those texts about plucking out eyes and cutting limbs is taking place in some of us and quite assuredly, we are hurting now, so the crying out is real because our experience is real. WE HURT! However, whatever the pain we’re undergoing now is and will be so much better than going through the pain of having lost out—eternally.

Where are We Prophetically?

I believe we are further along than what many of us believe we are. I don’t think many of us have the capability of understanding prophecy because it will frighten us away. In other words, our focus will be on the wrong thing. We will be too involved in searching churches, news reports instead of focusing on our lives and those around us who we care for. In the plane before take-off we’re told to apply the oxygen masks on ourselves before trying to put it on a child. The reason is obvious. How many of us are dying attempting to save others without first having applied our lifeline securely? This is and has been my problem.

Too Late

Everything about God involves “time”. It began with part of a day, then the day, then the week, then years, months and millenniums. We are in a time when messages are going forth into the world but the truth of the matter is the world is composed of us. The messages are for us! Not them, not everyone, but more specifically for “us”, make it personal, “you”, even more personal, for “me”.

“No correction is pleasant at the time, but it brings about good works.” I’d rather have the correction than the spanking.

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