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This woman claims she ‘rose’ from the dead

This woman claims she ‘rose’ from the dead

Hundreds of people are trooping to a sleepy village village in West Pokot County following claims that a woman resurrected after being prayed for by controversial Prophet David Owuor.

Residents of Cheparten Village in Pokot South Sub County were on Friday joined by hundreds of people who travelled to the home of the woman, only identified as Mama Rosa, to witness the alleged ‘miracle’.

Mama Rosa was said to have died on Thursday at around 1am.

However, it is claimed that she came back to life after two hours following the intervention of Prophet Owuor of the Repentance and Holiness Church.

The Nation did not witness the alleged ‘miracle’ and could not independently verify its authenticity.

Word went round quickly about the ‘miracle’ and by Friday morning, hundreds of people and a long convoy of vehicles was headed to the remote village.

Most of those converging on the woman’s home belong to the prophet’s church.

Nearby schools were also temporarily closed as learners rushed to the home.


The prophet did not attend the thanksgiving ceremony on Friday but was represented by a number of bishops from the church.


They claimed that the prophet had prayed for the woman’s resurrection.

Mama Rosa’s husband Samson Rotirakori said he believed that his wife had died for about two hours, and that she regained life after he sought prayers from the prophet.

“My wife fell very sick on Wednesday. She became very weak and collapsed,” he said during the thanksgiving ceremony.

“By midnight, her situation had worsened and she was unable to walk and experienced a lot of difficulty in breathing. I called a senior pastor asking him to request a prayer from Prophet Owuor and immediately after the phone call, Rosa stopped breathing and stretched out her hands and legs.”

Her daughter, Irvine Chesang, who also spoke during the ceremony, said immediately her mother stopped breathing, she screamed alerting their neighbours who rushed to see what was happening.


The husband said at 12:51am, he received a text message from Prophet Owuor saying “it is well.”

He said two hours later, Rosa suddenly began coughing and sneezing, then asked “who has brought me back.” Daily Nation

Owuor is a self proclaimed prophet who preaches the coming secret rapture. In Nigeria last year, he failed to perform a miracle embarrassing himself publicly.

He also made prophecies that failed to come true and those that he claims came true did not as he had prophesied.