World War Three fears as USA and China warn of ‘serious consequences’ after North Korea launch ‘nuclear missile’

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North Korea has sparked fears of a Third World War after launching a nuclear test that caused an earthquake.

Superpowers America and China immediately condemned the rogue state after news was revealed it had conducted its FIFTH nuclear test.

While America is traditionally the communist state’s enemy, China has been its closest ally but the statements by the nations today sparked fears of a possible war.

US President Barack Obama said any provocative actions by North Korea would have “serious consequences”.

Obama had been briefed on board Air Force One by National Security Adviser Susan Rice about reported seismic activity near North Korea’s nuclear test site earlier on Friday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.

Obama reiterated the unbreakable US commitment to the security of its allies in Asia and around the world, Earnest China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that it was resolutely opposed to North Korea’s latest nuclear test and strongly urges North Korea to stop taking any actions that will worsen the situation.

China will stick to its aim of denuclearising the Korean peninsula and uphold the six-party talks process to resolve the issue, the ministry added in a short statement.

The 5.3 magnitude quake was detected near North Korea’s known nuclear test site, where it detonated its fourth nuclear device in January.

The seismic event occurred around 9.30am local time, according to the US Geological Survey .

The tremor was detected on the surface with zero depth. Naturally occurring earthquakes strike below ground.

The China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC)also reported that the earthquake was due to a suspected explosion.

North Korea later confirmed the blast was its fifth nuclear test.

The country’s state TV said the North was now capable of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic rockets. source

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