End times headlinesAre You Worshipping Satan and do Not Know it?

Are You Worshipping Satan and do Not Know it?


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When Christians are asked if they believe in the Trinity, they often say yes without even knowing exactly what it is. And most also say that it does not really matter anyway as it is not a salvation issue. But that could not be further from the truth and if we truly love the Lord then we should want to know anyway. John called those teaching that all three are one were antichrist. (1 John 2:22-23) Are those John calls antichrist saved? Not likely!

Many serious problems arise from not knowing but the following is one of the worst. Seventh day Adventists are most easily misled here because when informed of the truth, they typically turn to the internet where they eventually find a handful of easily misunderstood quotes by Ellen White, which were compiled by LeRoy Froom with the deliberate intent to deceive. Without even checking what the Bible says, they put their trust in these misunderstood quotes and never look deeper, or examine her other writings to see what she really meant. Some have the mentality that their Church could never be wrong. What a tragic mistake.

Reading Revelation chapters 13 and 14 we find that the mark of the beast is about who we worship. Isaiah 14:12-14 says that Satan desires to be worshipped as God. But if Satan asked you to worship him, would you do it? Of course not. And Satan of course knows this. So Satan gets himself a front man and props him up so when they are worshipped, he receives worship by proxy. This is called worship by representation. There are two ways Satan does this with Christians and both come from sun worship, which is really the worship of Satan.

The first way is through Sunday worship. For those who are unaware, Scripture informs us that the Lord’s Sabbath is a sign that it is God whom we worship and God who sanctifies us when we keep His Seventh day Holy. Revelation 13:2 says Satan gave his power, throne and great authority to the first beast which is the Papal Church system. So when this beast power is being worshipped, who is really being worshipped? Satan himself! So where does worship come into this? By Satan through the Catholic Church implementing his own day of worship being Sunday. That is, Sunday worship that evolved from sun worship.

The second way is by worship of the Holy Spirit as a non-existent literal being, and so Satan steps in to receive this worship by representation once again. This was something he put in place a long time ago in 381 A.D. The Bible never teaches that the Holy Spirit is God or that the Holy Spirit should be prayed to or worshipped, and yet the Catholic Church does this. Today there are more and more from other denominations now doing the same.

Does it matter if we choose a non–existent god that is a creation of Satan to be the Holy Spirit so he can get worship and have us deny the real Holy Spirit? In other words, does it matter if we have the Spirit of the Father and Son or a creation of Satan and hence reject the real Holy Spirit? Do you think Satan wants your prayers and worship? He sure does!

So the third person in the Trinity in fact is actually Satan! It should be obvious that if you get this wrong you will not be in the kingdom.

Just recently some Adventists are now teaching we should pray to the Holy Spirit. Yet we are only supposed to worship God through His Son. Jerry Moon from the Seventh day Adventist theological seminary, who is one of the authors of the book The Trinity, first says in this book:

“In the spirit of the pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist church, the authors of this book firmly hold the following conviction: if we cannot support any teaching biblically, we do not want it.” — (The Trinity, p. 10)

“We will be very candid with our readers–if it is not biblical we do not want it, even if the vast majority of authorities in the religious world endorse it (including Adventist pioneers and the theologians of ‘Babylon’).” — (The Trinity, p.11)

Considering the last bracketed statement, why is there a triquetra on the front cover of his book, and even worse, with three fiery rings? What do they represent? The theologians of Babylon of course are the pagan sun worshippers where astrology originated from!

Next we have an interesting confession that we see many times from other writers and historians:

“The only way for the pioneers in their context to effectively separate Scripture from tradition was to abandon every doctrine not clearly supported from the Bible alone. Thus they initially rejected the traditional doctrine of the Trinity, which clearly contained elements not evident in Scripture.” — (The Trinity, p. 202)

So the authors say that “IF IT IS NOT BIBLICAL WE DO NOT WANT IT” as they clearly state more than once. And yet below they say that even if there is no Biblical support for it, as long as it seems logical it is okay! Reading on:

“But what about direct PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT? While we have NO CLEAR EXAMPLE of or direct command to pray to the Spirit in Scripture, doing so does have, in principle, some implicit biblical support. … it only seems logical that God’s people can pray directly to and worship the Holy Spirit.” — (The Trinity, pp. 272, 273, Emphasis)

Wow! Did you get that? What happened to “IF IT IS NOT BIBLICAL WE DO NOT WANT IT!”

Is this one reason that the Trinity doctrine is now accepted by so many Churches? Even if it is not evident in Scripture, as long as it seems logical then it is okay. Though I am not sure what is logical about 1+1+1=One!

Here is just one example of the SDA Church praying to the Holy Spirit in a 2017 Sabbath School lesson which is NOT Biblical. Not only that, but who gets this prayer with the Trinity doctrine? It goes to Satan!

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