You are the Salt of the World

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So truly what is the service of Christ? What does it mean to love Christ? What does it mean to be a Christian. Christ mission on earth was all about me and you.

He says ‘i came to serve’ ‘i came that they may have life’ ‘i am the vine-be fruitful’

In short Christ work on earth was centered around relieving pain, giving hope, taking away grief and touching the lives of people. One author in her book says, many villages saw no death nor sickness after Christ had passed to the next. In short He not only brought blessings, He left the blessings behind.

How are our lives different? Every week we go to church and are back with no difference in our lives. The Christ we go to meet we fail to walk with him home. Our lives at school, at work and in church are all in total contrast. It is like we are so very different people according to the time and place we are, saints in church, cheats on Facebook, liars at work and/or school.

And what is it to be a Christian? Paul calls us ambassadors of Christ and Christianity. Christ calls us the salt and light of the world.

In short, it is through us that the world sees Christ and his love at the cross. Now if we be Christians in churches and totally different persons in the world, how can people see Christ? If we loose our functionality as the people of God, if we loose our taste as salt, if we become darkness to the world…then surely the word is lost.

But that is not the sad part. The sad part is that if we loose that…if we cease being of service to Christ…then Christ might have no use for us. Remember at one point God says if He wanted, out of the stones he can make himself very faithful people who will adore and praise him.

But then why is God so patient with us?…Simple…He also says He has no joy the death of a sinner, Christ gives an image of Heaven that the Angels celebrate on the repentance of one sinner…well how much more would they celebrate you, if you helped that sinner come to repentance?

God is calling us…says we ‘come out of her (sin) that we may not be partakers of her punishment. Remember that God is not coming to destroy anyone but sin. The book of Revelation is clear on that. God is coming to destroy sin and clean the earth of sin since we are going to make a new earth with no sin, no death, no pain, no tears, no sickness…but if you decide to cling to that sin, then you will get destroyed with the sin.

Lets all pray that we be great representatives of Christ on earth, that we let go of sin and we be not part of its destruction in Jesus name.

Finally remember the last call of Christ in Mathew? ‘Go ye and make disciples of all men, teaching them….?…well all you have to do is comment Amen and share this.

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