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You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow

The day you were born, how helpless you were
This world and everything, was beyond your power

Your very limbs, you could not call your own
The dreams of this world had not yet been sown

All you could do was just cry helplessly
Drink milk, sleep and lay there defenselessly

It was your mother that taught you to sit up and talk
And it was her that held you hand when you started to walk

It was she who stayed up all night when you were sick
And kissed you when you cried after that thorn prick

And when you went to school, she waited by the door
Until you came back…and then she loved you some more

She taught you all that she knew, everything she could
Right and wrong, the judgment between bad and good

All she wanted was for you to be righteous and upright 
To be a good person, growing up in God’s Light

Thus you grew up under your mother’s love and carereap what you sow
Until there came a day when you started to dare

You started to challenge her and everything she taught
For now you were a young man, you had your own thought

“My mother is old fashioned,” you said, “she doesn’t know anything”
“I don’t need to listen to her, for, now I know everything”

Slowly you started drifting away, moving away from what you knew
You forgot your mother’s love, you forgot all that she taught you

You argued with her, you shouted…you were so disrespectful
All that you would say to her were lies….ugly, mean and hurtful

And remember that fine day when your mother said to you
“Fear God, my son….submit to Him, that’s all I ask of you.”

Upon hearing this, you turned, bursting with anger…
“I kept taking your nonsense, but I will take it no longer!”

“I tell you, I’ve had enough….just leave me alone, okay?!!
“Whatever ties I had with you, consider it broken from today!!!”

“Go find yourself some work, some other place to get by…”
“People live and die everyday, you also go somewhere and die!!”

Heartbroken, all she could do was just cry and cry
but her tears didn’t have any effect on you, I don’t know why

“O my son, don’t do this,” she said. “You will regret it one day.”
“Repent to God n mend your ways or you will go astray.”

But no matter what she said, it didn’t affect you at all
You were so heady in your arrogance, you didn’t hear her call

Slowly she went on with her life, though you didn’t even care
Yet she still loved you….you were still tops in her prayer

“O God guide my son,” she said, “I will bear patiently.”
“All my hard work gone to waste? Surely that can’t be!”

And then one day God bestowed His mercy on her
All her pain ended when death finally approached her

Since then many years have passed and now you too are old 
And you too are at the mercy of a son who is just as cold

He doesn’t love or respect you… he is just as mean
The reality finally hit you…this is from another scene

A scene long ago…from another time and another place
Tears rolling down as you remember your dead mother’ face

“When I was like this with my mother, this is how she felt!
How I hurt her…reviled her…O God….all what I said!!”

In utter pain you call out, “O my mother, I am so sorry!!!
“What can I do now to make up for my folly?”

But its too late now…..now that she is gone
There is nothing that you can do, nothing to hope on

You are nothing but a lesson for all old n young to see
This is the end of someone who lived arrogantly

You didn’t care for your mother, you forgot God’s ways
Thus in regret and sorrow, you spend your final days

Thus reap what you sowed, this is exactly what you planted
That’s how you treated your mother. Isn’t this what you wanted?

Remembering your evil past, you cry tears of sorrow
But what will man earn except what he sends for tomorrow?

If only you had known the true value of your mother
She’s the easy way to Heaven, no need to look any further

If only you had known, that in her pleasure lies
The success of this world and the pleasure of God’s Eyes.


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