Young Uzbek Suicide Bomber Filmed Crying Before Blowing Himself In Syria

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Footage has emerged of a young Uzbeck suicide bomber weeping in his final moments before he is sent on his final mission.


The young jihadist, reportedly in his 20s, has been named as Jafar al-Tayyar. He was fighting with al-Qaeda aligned rebels, the al-Nusra Front, in northern Syria and was part of an attack on the mainly Shi’ite town of Fua in the Idlib province, according to Radio Liberty.

In footage obtained by The Mirror, the young man who appears physically distressed is seen being hugged and comforted by militants as he weeps before embarking on his final mission.

While sitting inside an armoured vehicle loaded with explosives, he is reportedly told, “Jafar, my brother, don’t be afraid. When you are scared, remember Allah.”

He replies: “I’m just scared I won’t succeed,” before he is sent off to his death and the vehicle is seen driving away.

Bids his friends goodbye
At the prompting of the person recording him, the jihadi raises his right index finger in the air in a gesture widely used by jihads which supposedly means ‘Allah is the highest’


The footage later shows an explosion that is the result of the young man’s mission. The Times reports that more than 200 rockets were involved in the attack on Fua, with six other suicide bombs driven into the town’s defences.

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