Home End times headlines Zimbabwe Prophet Bushiri Attempts To Prove He Can Walk In Air, Falls Flat

Zimbabwe Prophet Bushiri Attempts To Prove He Can Walk In Air, Falls Flat

Zimbabwe Prophet Bushiri Attempts To Prove He Can Walk In Air, Falls Flat

Controversial Zimbabwe prophet Shepherd Bushiri claims this footage is proof that he can ‘walk on air.’

The Christian preacher, who has 239,000 followers on Facebook and another 13,000 on Twitter, is part of the Enlightened Christian Gathering.

He has been mocked in the past for sensationally claiming he was head of a made up organisation called AFFRICI, that he can ‘enter the spirit realm’ and that God blessed him with a private jet – which no one is allowed to see.


After previously being labeled a fake, he invited cameras into his home to prove he can pull of the levitating trick – but this video has done little to improve his credibility.

The footage starts with Bushiri – his arms held aloft – walking down the staircase.

He appears to float on air after walking off the last step of the impressive wooden staircase in his Malawi mansion but at the crucial moment, the camera pans to his feet.

As he is about to land, the camera quickly pans away to avoid filming one of the men who helped to suspend Bushiri in the air to make it look as though he was floating.


But the footage catches the man’s shadow as Bushiri’s feet return to solid ground.

The video has been viewed more than 320,000 times after it was uploaded to YouTube by his followers, who said the ‘hair-raising’ performance had left the ‘Christian world thunder-struck.’

According to African media, Bushriri told his followers: ‘We have seen magicians performing miracles, why can’t we, as children of God perform equally and even more great miracles?

‘It’s so unfortunate that some people are quick to believe in a magician’s miracle than in God’s miracle.

‘I know who I am and I understand the power of God and what that power can do. He is the God of impossibilities who can do anything.


‘Am not proving anything, am just showing you that God is able and He is performing miracles through his chosen ones.

‘Attack a small miracle, I will pray to God that He makes me perform something even greater than what you have attacked. It’s all possible because he leaves in me, am His temple.’

On Bushriri’s YouTube channel, Prophetic Channel TV, he can be seen performing other miracles, including pulling money from an empty handbag.

In February, an African website reported that Bushiri had been elected the president of an organisation called AFFRICI.

It said the group was a gathering of religious leaders in Africa but a source close to the co-called prophet told another website, Malawi24, that it was a hoax to promote his image.

They said: ‘There is no such an organisation like the AFFRICI… That is just written to sell the brand of the prophet.’

In another publicity stunt gone wrong just last month, Bushiri told his congregation who could ‘enter the spirit realm’ to take a picture of a child who was not present at the church.

Another video shows him taking an iPad from one of his followers and pretending to take a picture when in fact, he was scrolling to the photo gallery, Maravi Post reported.

He displayed the picture of the child to his supporters, who exploded into a mad frenzy.